“Momo Tanzprojekt” – filming with Year 10

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“At certain junctures in the course of existence, unique moments occur when everyone and everything, even the most distant stars, combine to bring about something that could not have happened before and will never happen again. Few people know how to take advantage of these critical moments, unfortunately, and they often pass unnoticed. When someone does recognize them, however, great things happen in the world.” – Momo by Michael Ende

After only seven rehearsals, the young dancers from Year 10 took to the stage today to film their scenes for the “Momo Tanzprojekt”. They performed to the camera with great energy, focus and commitment to their dance. Despite being in the middle of final exams and revision, they came together as a dance company and gave it their all. I am immensely proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time!

For the young dancers, taking part in the project was “an important and amazing experience, which I can only recommend” and “was unforgettable and all worth it”.

Due to Corona restrictions we are unfortunately not able to perform the final result of the dance project in front of a live audience but instead will present a performance film on Sunday 18th August as part of the GAP.beinand Festival.

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