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Wow! I am absolutely blown away by all the kindness and generosity of everyone who has supported me through financial contributions as well as sharing the story about my project on social media! A very special thank you goes to Carly Annable-Coop, Hazel Lamb and my anonmyous supporter for their generous donation!

With your help I have raised $2 055, over 70% of my funding goal!

In two weeks I will fly out to Siem Reap and start working on ‘Kumlang Satrey’, a new piece of repertoire for New Cambodian Artists, to raise awareness and inspire change on the issue of domestic violence. We had some fantastic news: will be able to premier the piece in Phnom Phen as part of a festival of activisim against gender-based violence.

If you do believe in the power of dance like I do, please help me keep my promise and support me!


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